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Whiteman, J H M glimpses fragments from many past lives



Type of Spiritual Experience


On a number of occasions Professor Whiteman thought he was out of body but found the while situation confusing - as if he had multiple personalities reliving various activities.

His background was Christian and very orthodox Christian and as such the idea of reincarnation would have seemed entirely new or alien to him, but all these personalities appear to have been him at some time and he had some very vivid past life recalls


A description of the experience

The Mystical Life – J H M Whiteman

…… the Dark Young Man speaks about a lady. . . . (He's showing me pictures and explaining them to me. . . . It seems to be a sort of gallery we're walking through. . . .)

Now I seem to be walking about a school, and I meet a dark boy, and it's the name of a Field Marshal I'm trying to get, a German name. And then something says, All this is only memories revived. . . .

Oh, what a beautiful lake! I'm standing on a sort of projecting part running out into it and there are olive groves all around me …. How beautiful those mountains are, I like the wild part of them above the tilth....

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Whiteman, J H M

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