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I came across a number of examples where access to painful perceptions helped the person to resolve the problems they had. 

I also came across instances where false memories had been created from perceptions, which were having a very negative effect on people’s lives.  These memories had become so distorted with time, they were proving painful but with no real basis in fact – in truth. Using drugs or hypnosis, for example the therapist was able  to control the ‘regression’, to get at the real perceptions that underpinned this ‘false memory’ this incorrectly laid down belief system……… …………

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The Varieties of Psychedelic Experience – Dr Robert Masters and Dr Jean Houston

What up to now have seemed to the subject to be memories of real events may be disclosed as distortions of real events or as wholly imaginary constructs.  The subject may discover that he misinterpreted the real event at the time of its occurrence, so that it has been preserved in memory in its invalid form; or he may find that he subsequently misremembered an event and then, after that, remembered the misremembered as an actual occurrence – for instance, sex molestation by some adult – never happened at all but was only a fantasy, based possibly on fear or wishful thinking.  Indeed, with regard to the psychical contents generally, there now may be a novel ability to separate the false from the true, the authentic from the inauthentic, and the essential from the mountainous accumulation of superfluities

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