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Eusevgny Faygdysh - The Mystic Cosmos - Psychological trauma and illness



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The Mystic Cosmos - Eusevgny Faygdysh [edited to improve the English translation]

To understand the principles …. I will first concentrate on the nature of our mental life pollution, the means by which it becomes established and the ways in which it influences our behaviour and condition.

The famous psychoanalyst  Sigmund Freud was one of the first researchers into the influence of psychotrauma on human mental life. His works have proved that a person who has experienced strong emotional shock or has found him or herself in the situation of having a  problem which could not be solved, experiences what is termed a  'displacement mechanism’ where they seem to forget the unpleasant situation.

But, in some cases, this displaced psychotrauma does not disappear but goes into the sub-consciousness and continues to actively influence the behaviour of this person.. It can manifest as pathologic fears, constant worrying, and nightmares. In many cases such displaced psychotraumas, called complexes, can lead to neurosis and more serious psychic disorders, although the person does not know of their existence.

The work of another psychoanalyst O.Ranke also showed that there is a connection between significant psychic disorders and perpetual trauma.

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