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Healing yourself

Category: Actions



Introduction and description

If you look at the Model of the Mind and the description of How spiritual experience works, you will see that the Sensations received from the Autonomic system and Nervous system play a large part in deciding whether we get an experience or not.

Overload the senses with physical pain as a result of illness, overload the emotions with mental pain from grief or fear and you are quite likely to have an experience - perhaps an hallucination or even an out of body or near death experience, but this is the path of overload and who wants to live a life of continual pain?

The path of suppression is one geared to spiritual experience without pain. It is the path of Inspiration, Wisdom, Bliss and peace, Divine love, leading to Moksha and nirvana. You do not achieve nirvana by going the path of overload.

Thus it is imperative that you 'Heal yourself' emotionally and physically in order that the 'still point' - the pain free state - can be reached.

Nobody can heal you.  All any healer can do is help you heal yourself.  Thus this activity is about what can be done to help you mend yourself physically and emotionally - both are needed as both are linked.

Causes of illness

Effect based medicine - Much mainstream medicine is based on the principal that you collect a set of symptoms [effects] then apply drugs and pharmaceuticals to the symptoms.  Then when the drugs and pharmaceuticals result in side effects [which they always do] you give the person yet more pharmaceuticals to treat the effects of the pharmaceuticals.

Apart from being a rather ineffective option in the long run, because the cause of the symptoms only reappears, it is also very very expensive.

But healing does not work this way.

Cause based treatment - in true healing you try to find the cause of the illness.  This takes more time, as the healer has to work backwards from the effects to get at the true root cause of problems.  I have provided a handy diagram one can use to do this with the healer - the Cause effect diagram.

You always tackle the cause and not the effects.

Causes, in the end, always end up being events in the environment.  In effect, your body and mind are perfectly in balance without any environmental impacts, you have a perfectly functioning mind and Immune system, but bombard it with environmental events and it may well struggle to counter the attack.

The moment we are conceived and even whilst we grow in the womb, we may be under attack, as we may be bombarded via our mother with events that test our defences.  Thus environmental attack is always present.  The main classes of event are also the same for everyone and they are:

Sadly many pharmaceuticals can also be added to this list.  One very key pharmaceutical is the Vaccines.

If we take an illness like heart disease it can be caused by nutritional imbalance, viruses, bacteria, heavy metals and toxins and emotional hurt.  Smoking, for example, is just hypoxia coupled with toxins.


You cannot do this alone, you need a healer or healers, but you must be prepared to be part of the process and actively involved, remember they are not healing you, they are helping you heal yourself.

1.  Record the symptoms - the first step is to find out all the symptoms - ALL the symptoms, not just the most urgent ones, but everything that seems wrong.

2.  Establish the 'illnesses' - the next step is to find out what is actually happening in the body, what damage has already been done.  Here the medical community with all the diagnostic machines at their disposal are useful allies in establishing the actual illnesses.  One should not overlook the fact, however, that a large number of people are able to 'read' auras and can provide extraordinarily useful input at this stage which requires no expensive machines. 

3.  Find the cause - The next step for any illness is to find the cause using, for example, the Cause effect diagram to help.  The medical fraternity have a whole host of useful diagnostic machines to help with this - scanning equipment to detect physical hurt; ways of analysing the blood, urine, stools and other bodily fluids and excretions to look for toxins, viruses, heavy metals and bacteria; and machines that check for hypoxic illness.  There is also metagenomic testing, an absolutely key method of identifying pathogens.  Let us call the person who performs this stage the 'diagnostic therapist', this therapist needs to be as sympathetic to emotional hurt as physically prevalent symptoms.

4.  Treat the cause - whatever is the ultimate cause of the illness has to be treated first.

Emotional problems - if the problem is emotional hurt, then there has to be emotional 'healing' [forgiveness, reconciliation, forgetting etc].  There are many benign healing disciplines that can be used here

  •  Psychotherapy  - you don't need the analysis at this stage you need therapy to heal, for problems you can identify and remember
  •  Hypnotherapy - which as its name suggests uses hypnosis to get at deep seated problems of the subconscious
  • Tapping - whose trade name is EFT which combines the use of Cognitive behavioural therapy with acupuncture points to help 'release' the emotional hurt 
  • Music therapy - Music therapy is the use of music to help heal a person or alleviate their symptoms
  • Sleeping - overlooked but key
  • Being comforted
  • Crying
  • Hippotherapy
  • Lomilomi

etc etc


Physical problems -  After we have eliminated the emotional hurt we are left with the following physical problems:

  • Toxins - first remove yourself from the toxin.  There are chelating agents that will help in toxin removal, it depends on the toxin. 
  • Heavy metals - If the problem is heavy metals then chelating agents may be needed.
  • Hurt - physical hurt [bumps bangs, crashes, cuts, etc].  These may need surgical repair, although many healing disciplines also help mend damage [see below]
  • Bacteria - If the problem is bacteria then the Immune system may need a boost to tackle the bacteria.  Often this can be achieved via food and plant based medicines [NOT antibiotics, except as a remedy of truly last resort]
  • Viruses - If the problem is a virus then the Immune system may need a boost to tackle the virus.  Again this can be tackled via food and plant based medicines [NOT repeat NOT antivirals],
  • Hypoxia - remove the source of the hypoxia or remove yourself from the source.  
  • Nutritional deprivation - the discipline in healing which deals with this area is called Dietetics - Eating for health 

Observations of treatments that have been used [without dangerous side effects] from Pubmed and which thus show scientifically obtained proof of efficacy have been added to the site as an aid here. 

Note that Healing medicine is based on the principle that:

 - Relaxation, meditation and spiritual pursuits invoke the parasympathetic nervous system and thus potentiate the immune system
 - Homeopathy trains the immune system [like vaccination but safer as no pathogens are involved only plants]
 - Essential oils directly attack the pathogen [most are anti-microbial all are plant based], 
 - Plant Chelators remove the heavy metals and some other toxins.    

5.  Restore the balance - once the cause has been tackled, then healers can help in restoring the balance of systems in the body and repairing any damaged organs and systems. Surgery may be needed, but surgery is always the treatment of last resort, in cases of otherwise irreparable damage.  I have provided descriptions in the commonsteps section for a number of alternative healing systems.  The descriptions give you an idea of what the healing system is, what it can be used for, and any federation/organisation and regulating body you can contact to find healers with these skills in your area.  It should help you to choose which type of system is the best for you:

It is often confusing for people who are unused to the disciplines in healing to differentiate between the different alternatives.  The subtle differences are described in each description, but I think it important to emphasise that every approach listed above is based on exactly the same principles - the meridians [though they may not be called meridians in the system] as the channels of energy flow and trigger points [though they may not be called this in the system] as points of adjustment.

If we think of the meridians like pipes with water flowing through, the trigger points act like valves or taps.

Most healers are actually multi-disciplined, as such they may, in practise, employ a range of techniques to rebalance the system.

6.  Change your lifestyle - in this suppression section of the website you will find a whole host of Actions that have not only helped to heal, but also helped people maintain their health.  None of them involves anything the slightest bit onerous, in fact, they are all remarkably easy to do and pleasurable.  Examples include Communing with nature and Listening to music 

How it works

By helping to heal ourselves, we reduce the negative Sensations received from the Autonomic system and Nervous system and thus provide a form of Sensory deprivation

If you look at the Model of the Mind and the description of How spiritual experience works, you will see that Sensations play a large part in deciding whether we get an experience or not.

References and further reading


Rishi Manchanda: What makes us get sick? Look upstream.


The following may be helpful as avenues one can use for testing:

Biolab Medical Unit  - (doctor's referral only) Biolab Medical Unit is a medical referral laboratory specialising in nutritional and environmental medicine.  It is located in London.  They can measure for vitamin and mineral levels, as well as toxic metals and  other biochemical levels.  They also have an extensive range of profiles for "assessing the effects of twenty-first century lifestyles on our bodies"

Individual WellBeing Diagnostic Laboratories -  These laboratories can perform allergy testing as well as 'Adrenal stress index or DHEA hormone testing' - adrenal stress index (ASI) test measures cortisol and DHEA in saliva, while the DHEA test measures just this single hormone.

York Test Laboratories, Murton Wuy, Osbaldwick, York YO19 SUS.  YorkTest Laboratories is one of Europe's leading providers of testing for IgG antibody reactions to foods and drinks.  They can supply Test kits by post, see the webite for more information – This laboratory can test for:

  • Food or chemical allergy and intolerance  - York Test laboratories will test you for sensitivity to all foods including gluten, gliadin, wheat and yeast. They also sell a home test kit for food and chemical allergies that requires a pinprick blood sample.
  • Homocysteine test – the Laboratories produce a home test kit enabling you to take your own pinprick blood sample and return it to the lab for analysis. If your homocysteine level is high, full instructions are provided to help you reduce it.

Local nutrition therapists - For details of the nutritional therapists in your area, use this LINK and select 'consultations' for an online referral. This service gives details on whom to see in the UK as well as internationally. If there is no one available nearby you can always do an online assessment for nutrition.  Nutrition therapists are normally able to also perform

  • Hair 'mineral analysis tests’ – to determine the presence of any toxic metals, a hair analysis can be arranged via your local nutritional therapist
  • Parasite and digestive stool analysis tests - these help to identify causes of digestive disorders and may be able to pick up certain kinds of parasitic infection [note only some]

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