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Dr Franz Morell – The Mora Concept - A Case study in food allergies



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Dr Franz Morell – The Mora Concept

A case study: Mrs. Hildegard H.,69 years old, had suffered from eczema on the hands and feet, less severely on the arms and legs and on the trunk. Several hospital stays brought about little improvement. A year before she visited me, she had had allergy tests in a special clinic. There, the well-known skin tests were performed, and a number of allergens were found, like mites, house dust, citrus fruit and various washing powders.

During the first examination she told me that she had asked specifically whether she should avoid certain foods. The answer had been no.

The MORA allergy test showed without any doubt a strong milk allergy.  Treatment consisted exclusively of a basic therapy and the MORA allergy therapy. The allergy therapy consisted of the brass vessel, containing small tubes of milk, cheese, yoghurt and cream, being connected to the input of the device during the basic therapy.

Result: after a fortnight with a total of four therapy sessions and total abstinence from milk products of all kinds the eczema had disappeared. It has not returned yet, after two years of observation.

Later it was found that the patient did not suffer any ill effect if she consumed only small amounts of these foods and not on a regular basis. The allergy test still showed a very slight amount of stress from milk.

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