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Nick Polizzi - Placebos and healing



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From an interview with Director Nick Polizzi on New Film ‘The Sacred Science,’ Energy Healing and his Run-In with a Lightning Bolt - by Nick Meyer  October 15, 2013 AltHealthWORKS

If you ask a medicine man what’s different between the spiritual, mental and physical, they’ll tell you that there is none, it’s all one. They don’t really separate reality into the different categories that we do in the West, they look at it as all being one; that helps their ability to heal intuitively.

Whether or not we’re talking about the placebo effect; it’s funny how people just kind of write off it, in modern medicine, as the placebo effect without really going into the implications of the placebo effect. So you’re saying you believe a pill is going to heal you, a lot of times it does.

Modern medicine doesn’t understand this.  It puts a label on it and builds a dismissive attitude around that label, and doesn’t go any further into investigating it; it just goes about its merry way without dealing with the fact that it doesn’t know everything. Modern medicine isn’t really the only answer, there are some things you can’t quite quantify that are extremely powerful. The placebo effect shows that the body can react to your brain’s understanding of something that something will heal you, if you think you can be healed then you will be healed.

From that perspective I think that we need to readdress our own relationship to our own healing process.

And again, like the medicine men, healing is done by dissolving the barriers between themselves and you, and between their own psyche, their own body and their own spirit. If you dissolve those barriers, you open up the possibility for miracles.

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Polizzi, Nick

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