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Dr Franz Morell – The Mora Concept - Diagnosing an allergy to potatoes



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Dr Franz Morell – The Mora Concept

The patient was asked again in detail about his eating habits, especially about his  favourite food, which is often concealed consciously or unconsciously.  It was found that the patient had, as long as he could remember, liked potatoes a lot, that he was quite addicted to them.

This often found addictive preference for a food is an indication which must be heeded.  Very often this proves to be the allergen one is looking for. This was also the case here. The test with one potato showed a surprising result. The following organ measurement points were completely balanced by the use of a potato in the allergy test:   allergy, T.W., large and small intestine and bladder.

The measurement points of liver, heart and circulation had improved considerably. For the ideal balance they needed ‘Hepeel’, ‘Cralonin’, and "Cardiacumeel' .  The chemical medicaments, which the patient had brought, were unnecessary, they even caused a deterioration at the measurement points of the heart, Iiver and small intestine.

The subsequent MORA basic therapy was carried out with the potato in the brass vessel connected to the input.  The  tested ‘cralonin’ was used to absorb the oscillations of the potato; so that his medicament also became his allergy drops. He was told to take 10 of those drops three times a day and in addition the tested "Hepeel’ and ‘Cardiacumeel’.

The result:  At the end of the MORA Therapy alone the patient felt better and relieved. The blood pressure was then 170/90, the pulse regular and strong.  The patient was asked to contact me regularly to tell me how he was.  The telephone reports were very positive. Within six weeks all irregularities of the heartbeat had disappeared, he no longer suffered from tiredness.

Since he had substituted brown rice for potatoes, the feelings of fullness and the shortness of breath which he had complained about during the first examination, had disappeared; his bowels were working normally. His blood pressure, which he took himself, was usually around 155/85, which could be accepted as normal with his history.

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