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Dr Franz Morell – The Mora Concept - Diagnosing a milk allergy



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Dr Franz Morell – The Mora Concept

Mrs. Brigitre T., 52 years old, complained about dyspepsia, halitosis, eructation, very bad varicose veins with swelling of the legs in the evenings, knee and shoulder pains (rheumatism factor negative), palpitations, etc.  She hardly ever ate meat, but drank a lot or milk and ate a lot of curd cheese,  because it was meant to be good for health.

She said she did a lot for her heart, but had constant troubles.  From the anamnesis alone I suspected a milk allergy, which was confirmed.  Of the 28 measurements which showed indicator drops, some serious or pathological measurement values, 20 were normalized after switching to the “milk programme”.  This meant that those organs, the points of which were improved by the treatment, had previously been under considerable stress.  The “milk programme” means that a number of different milk protein products, each one in a test tube (milk, curd cheese, different kinds of cheese, yoghurt, butter, milk) are put into the brass vessel together for allergy testing.

I did not find out until after a few weeks that the treatment had been a success.  The palpitations, shoulder and arm pains, troubles with varicose veins, dyspepsia and halitosis had all disappeared and she hardly suffered from swelling of the legs.

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