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Common steps and sub-activities

MORA therapy

MORA III instrument

The first MORA instrument was built in 1977 by the electronics engineer Eric Rasche, owner of the Med.Tronik company after joint research work undertaken with Dr Franz Morell. The MORA idea, the development of the device and the research work connected with it were so connected to these two people that they decided that the name should be based on their names MOrell and RAsche. Initially only the device was given the name, eventually however, the therapy which uses the device and everything connected with the device, became known as MORA therapy.

The principle objective of the device is to promote healing by using the meridian and acupuncture of Chinese medicine. But it is also based on the idea of trigger points.

Having used it effectively to heal people with apparently intractable problems, Dr Morell, who was a practising medical doctor, also experimented a little with the acupuncture points and found he could – in effect – trigger kundalini energy to flow, giving people other controlled but very effective spiritual experiences besides that of healing. 

The principle of the machine

The machine is not, repeat not, based on electric currents flowing through the body. If you look up Wikipedia or numerous other somewhat biased sources they will tell you that it is a machine that puts electric current through you. It doesn’t. There is no patient circuit.

The machine has two parts to it the input circuit and the output circuit and these are not connected. Since there is no conductive connection between the machine’s input and output, there is also no patient circuit.

This difference cannot be noticed externally, for the patient in some of the therapies is asked to grasp two hand electrodes. For those who are electronically minded, here is a schematic of the electronics………….

The input circuit is used to measure the body’s natural resonance, the oscillations that are given off at the various trigger points. Every organ in our body, and every cell and part of an organ has a natural resonant frequency. Any one organ may give off a range of frequencies – a set of harmonics that represent the natural oscillations of the organ as a whole and all its parts.

The MORA concept – Dr Franz Morell

A specific oscillation spectrum for each organ already exists. It is created anew continuously and is the basis for the structure and the function of the organ. The frequency spectrum of the organ is conducted via the meridians and can be detected at acupuncture points, where the oscillations are concentrated. This is the reason for the measurability of the acupuncture points and for the fact that these measurements give diagnostic indications. Certain points have a connection not only to the whole organ, but also to certain parts of the organ or organ functions. That way one can measure and treat numerous organs, organ parts or functions via the known acupuncture points. There are a great number of cross connections, which indicate the relationships between the organs. These do not make acupuncture any easier, but more interesting and effective and also more understandable.

The measuring points

The machine can be used to measure the frequencies at a specific acupuncture point, or you can use a part of the body that has numerous acupuncture points that are connected to the organs to be measured. The arms and hands, the feet and the ear all have a lot of points that connect up to the organs concerned, so you can use the hands, feet or ear as a sort of general acupuncture point measuring spot without having to go to each trigger point/acupuncture point of the organs themselves.

The advantages of using the hands or feet or ear are that although a person may present with one set of symptoms, the real cause of the illness can lie in other organs. There may be a whole chain of cause effect symptoms that cover hundreds of acupuncture points. If you set yourself the task of measuring every acupuncture point in turn to find out what the level of oscillations is, you have set yourself a major task – a truly major task. It could take hours and hours. You may still miss a spot. There are some very odd interconnected meridians in the body. 

An example – the following has been slightly edited to remove some aspects I have not yet explained, but the explanation demonstrates the problem – the patient can present with one set of symptoms, but the cause may reside in a very odd place, with a ripple of cause effect, cause effect, through the meridians that make diagnosis extremely complex.

The MORA concept – Dr Franz Morell

An experience I had during the initial period with the "TSE" [the equipment] when it was still being tested: a 52-year-old patient complained about heart and circulation troubles similar to angina pectoris symptoms, which he had suffered from for decades. A therapy with highly effective chemical medicaments had only ever brought short lived and unsatisfactory success. The medicament testing was unsuccessful. I was not able to find a suitable medicament, whether a homeopathic or allopathic one. I remembered the "TSE".

After some searching I found an area [a suitable site]. I tested them all [all points], except for one which seemed too unlikely. I should not have done that, for this was the only fully effective one. ….. I asked the patient whether he had ever had any problems with worms. He replied, "Yes, I have never completely got rid of them since my youth." The medicament [homeopathic medicament corresponding to the point] proved a complete success against the angina-like symptoms. A connection between worm infestation and heart and circulation complaints was new to me and totally unexpected. I have had similar experiences with the "TSE" quite often, and so have other users of the ''TSE".

The measurements taken of the input

The frequencies themselves are not of any great interest except as an indicator of the organ found. Instead the whole objective of the input circuit is to measure the intensity of the signal – whether the oscillations/vibrations are excessively high or excessively low. Dr Morell devised a scale of measurement that ran from 0 to 100. The zero of the scale meant the organ was dead but the top end of the scale at 100 indicated vibrations of an almost totally destructive nature.

The mean point at 50 was indicated as the ‘healthy’ level at which they should be operating. The intensity of vibrations was in effect ‘normal’.

A normal level of intensity usually meant that no pathological problems would be present, but at high or low readings, then there was the likelihood that something was wrong – the organ was malfunctioning and there would be illness present.

For example, the chart left is a measurement taken of a patient called Christiane B who had stomach problems.

As you can see from the chart, the level of oscillations measured at two of the acupuncture points for the large intestine were low, the measurement taken of the acupuncture point for the circulation was also low, whereas the measurement taken for acupuncture point 1 for the pancreas was abnormally high. The measurements for acupuncture points 2 and 3 for the pancreas were too low.

Dr Morell’s measuring system shows that the value of 50 is well balanced, values over 60 up to 100 show inflammation at varying stages, whereas values below 50 down to 10 show weaknesses and degeneration. As he states ‘values below 10 are virtually never found’.

During measurement, he found that the pointer of the MORA equipment tended to rise immediately and remain for a few seconds at the very maximum, it would then sink slowly down until it reached the true stable measurement. At this point any measurement which was not near 50 always indicated a serious, organically identifiable disease which was also detectable via clinical methods. The equipment often proved to be more reliable at detecting illness and disease than the clinical methods.

The MORA concept – Dr Franz Morell

One could define disease as a state in which pathological oscillations exist long term and to such a degree that they trigger pathological phenomena or reactions

The output circuit

Having established which organs and oscillations are a problem, the output circuit – directed via the other hand [foot, ear etc] or an acupuncture point is used to treat the patient. Treatment is achieved by providing input of vibrations/oscillations that are the opposite of the signal input where there is a problem. Thus 50 is taken as normal and no input is given. But if a reading is too high or low a balancing signal is given that either counteracts or boosts the signal at that point. 


The machine works this out, this is the point of the second set of circuitry. Thus the therapist only has to decide how often to give the treatment,  how long it needs to be given and which trigger/acupuncture points to use. It sounds simple, but the circuitry has to be quite sophisticated.

The MORA concept – Dr Franz Morell

It is known in the field of physics as well as in mechanics, electricity and electronics that an existing oscillation can be offset, neutralised, made to disappear, when one allows an opposing oscillation of the same dimension and frequency to react against it… in other words, oscillation and counter oscillation must have the same wave length, they have to be equally aligned spacially, they have to be equally strong and must occur at the same time. Healing is an active achievement of the body.Chemical drugs do not generally cause healing. They can be useful and in some cases their application is necessary. But only nature can heal. Nature’s forces, which are effective everywhere, including inside the human body, have the tendency to rebalance a disturbed equlibrium.

In order to cancel out the oscillation, the opposing oscillation has to be such that its amplitude and form are spatially in exact opposition at 180 degrees.

Trigger points can be thought of as the equivalent of the input devices on a computer that are connected to the software of the body. The input from the MORA machine is electrical – a very small direct current from the machine, but it does not form a circuit, all it does is stimulate the trigger point at the correct intensity – like the click of a mouse or the pressure of a finger on a touch sensitive screen. Imagine yourself to be one big touch sensitive screen with numerous points that can be touched by something and it will trigger the software within. That, after all, is what erogenous zones are!

The entire objective of the treatment is to rebalance the intensity of the oscillations of the patient and all treatment is regarded as a rebalancing exercise that may have to only occur once. Deep seated and long standing illnesses may require more than one treatment, but they do not need regular treatment unless the cause is continuous. So let us suppose that the person has heart problems caused by grief, the grief may be continuous, so the heart problems will be continuous – treatment will continually rebalance, but the high level of emotion will only knock the person out of balance again. Finding the cause is thus also key to successful treatment.

But Dr Morell was determined that the MORA treatment would need neither force nor continuous medication. As one can see this would put him at odds with every surgeon and all pharmaceutical companies, whose principal aim is to give patients regular drug treatment and surgical intervention – both of which are money making interventions. Dr Morell’s treatment is highly popular in Europe where money making from drugs and surgery is less of a business, but his approach is ridiculed by the medical profession in the USA where pharmaceuticals and surgical treatment are very big business [hence the unpleasant, largely inaccurate and highly biased description on Wikipedia].

The MORA concept – Dr Franz Morell

Force seems to be a vital concept in today’s medicine.  Pathological symptoms are being oppressed; the heart is forced to beat regularly; the stomach is forced to produce less acid, so that the stomach ulcer does not hurt; water is forced out of tissues; cancer cells are forced to dies away; a fever is forced to go down.  One could write a whole book about force in medicine.  Nature and the observation and the removal of the cause are ignored.

But has force ever been useful?  Has it really ever solved a problem long term?  Force is oppression.  Has oppression ever achieved what was intended? 

I believe the best doctor is the one who does least; who uses the least force; who only uses such methods if there is no other choice; the one who – and that is the most important point – endeavours to eliminate from the patient’s body everything harmful, which blocks, hinders, disturbs or destroys.

MORA and medicine

One thing which people may find harder to believe or understand is the link between medicines and the MORA machine.  Dr Morell found that chemical substances also give off oscillations, thus it was possible to link the input of the device to a chemical substance and measure its signal and intensity.

This may seem baffling until we think about the various sources of triggering energy. All energy is interchangeable including chemical energy, so any chemical has functions and can act like a trigger. In homeopathic medicine, the ‘intensity’ of the signal is determined – in fact is directly related – to its potency.

The aim of using the machine this way was to try to match any medicaments recommended, both in intensity and in frequency, to the patient. In effect, balance the ‘energies’ of the patient, with the ‘energies ‘ of the medicine [I use the word energy somewhat loosely here].

In effect, the MORA equipment could be used for medicament testing and subsequently for prescribing. 

The MORA concept – Dr Franz Morell

The old principle ‘primum nil nocere’ seems to have been forgotten. The main reason why we use homeopathic medicaments for testing and consequently for the therapy, is that they work without doing any harm.


 By using a box containing ampoules of medicines, it was then possible to test for the suitability of medicines as a treatment for a disease.  In this, Dr Morell always tended to use homeopathic medicine.

Homeopathic medicines work through the principle of similarity.  A medicament which in its undiluted form causes certain symptoms established by the medicament test will heal an illness with similar symptoms when given in homeopathic dilution.  The illness is still a consequence of pathological oscillations and these can be measured on the trigger points.

The closer the body and medicament vibrations match each other, the more they will cancel each other out, this results in the measured values at the acupuncture points reaching or approaching the normal value of 50.

Perhaps equally interesting was that the equipment could be used to test for allergens.  A box containing ampoules of substances known to often provoke allergic reactions could be matched with patient symptoms.

Method of use

Using the hands or feet, as the source of information and healing, the machine is used in a general way to rebalance the oscillations of all the organs in the body.

A short basic diagnostic first pass need only take about 2 ½ minutes. The subsequent rebalancing therapy can take anything from only a few seconds to several minutes depending how much is wrong.

After this therapy, it is possible that toxins are released from the tissues.  These will need to be excreted, so the person must drink a lot of plain low mineral content water in order to help flush these away. 

The MORA concept – Dr Franz Morell

If the probe is connected to the input, the specific oscillations of the organ or meridian respectively, are captured at the acupuncture point and, after passing through the device, are fed back to the body as therapeutic oscillations via the hand or foot electrode through the output of the machine.

If, however, the measurement probe is connected to the output, the process is reversed. Now all oscillations of the hand or foot, more or less the oscillations of all organs, which enter the device via the input, are processed in the device and then fed through the output to the acupuncture point as therapeutic oscillations.

This method of connecting the output with the acupuncture point, has proven especially successful with acute illnesses, or in cases where the respective organ is weakened (measurement value under 50). If the acupuncture point shows a very low measurement the respective organ can receive balancing, strengthening energy.

In acute cases the pathological information is not deeply embedded in the organ or the tissue and the healthy information or oscillation part of the rest of the body can become effective.

When dealing with chronic cases, however, the measurement probe is connected to the input. The pathological information is deeply embedded in the organ, the point at which it is being measured and treated. There are often cross connections to other organs …, so that the more effective method is to feed this specific information to the whole of the organs and tissues so that they can all react to it and then, in turn, influence the diseased organ in a feedback manner.

The use of the input and output in chronic or acute diseases has been found empirically. The explanations given here should be understood only as an attempt to interpret this.


Stage two – point therapy and repeat therapy

The next stage is to concentrate on any remaining stubborn high or low values that have evaded the basic treatment using point therapy at specific acupuncture points.  More about this in a moment. 

There may also be the need to repeat the same therapy with long standing illnesses as the ‘memory’ of the illness often rather annoyingly returns.  In effect the therapy does not eliminate the software bugs completely, the little software viruses still hang about and return unless you keep on zapping them.

The following useful quote describes how Morell discovered the need and usefulness of the basic therapy and then how he used the basic therapy followed by point and repeat therapy.

The MORA concept – Dr Franz Morell

There was a particularly interesting and informative case: Mrs. Hilde G., 26 years old, a teacher.

She complained about frequent migraine type headaches, occasionally with nausea and vomiting. In addition she suffered from bladder discomfort and micturition. She agreed to a MORA treatment, which I had explained to her.

During the examination numerous pathological values and indicator drops were found. They were so many that it seemed almost impossible to treat them all, besides it seemed unlikely that so many organs of Mrs. G. should be diseased. Differential diagnostic considerations as to where to start with the treatment, caused me to treat the bladder first.

The first measurement point on both sides had the value of 80, the two second measurement points showed an indicator drop. Since there were no other indications for the migraine, I assumed it could be a so-called urogenitally linked migraine.

The MORA Therapy on those bladder points did not have the desired effect. I was able to eliminate the indicator drops, but it was not possible to achieve the required measurement values of 50. On asking her about her headaches, she had to admit though, that they had almost gone. However, she did not seem happy or content, and I asked her what the matter was.

She replied that she felt sick. The measurement points of the stomach and pancreas showed a clear indicator drop, which had hardly been noticeable before. The treatment of those points with MORA was also unsatisfactory. Although the patient felt better again and the nausea disappeared, the headaches returned. I had therefore only succeeded in shifting the complaints from one part to another, a procedure which I call "playing marshalling yard".

I then had the idea that perhaps a non-specific therapy via hand electrodes could be useful. I proceeded with it; at first I used the low pass, then the high pass and the patient suddenly felt well.

The measurement points of the bladder, stomach and pancreas were then completely balanced. The remaining pathological measurements on the large and small intestines responded very well to the point therapy. Apart from these two, the many pathological values and indicator drops had all disappeared. Thus, pathological values had been balanced without receiving direct treatment.

The result was excellent. Four more treatments at intervals of between fourteen days and four weeks were given, after which there were no more problems.

The basic therapy is carried out at the beginning of each MORA treatment even if it is a repeat treatment. It then balances the entire system. The objective is to reach and cancel out as many pathological oscillations in the body as possible, so that the individual therapy at the points requires less effort. This not only saves the therapist time and effort, but as we have seen because of the intricate and often convoluted nature of disease and its interactions is also more effective.

Point therapy then follows. The therapist ascertains which of the points that were found to have pathological values before the therapy are still not balanced. As a rule there will be considerably fewer than before the basic therapy, often there will be none.

Therapy is then carried out on these remaining points and there are various ways this is done:

  • The first and simplest way is to carry out therapy immediately at each point. In this case the therapist simply systematically goes through each point and rebalances each one in turn. Only when it is balanced - that is reaches near 50 – does he or she move on to the next point
  • The second method is to first measure all the points and then start the treatment at the point which has the highest pathological value. This often has the advantage that the treatment of the one has a knock on effect on the other points and may even balance them without the need for further treatment
  • The third method is to start the treatment at the point which is causing the patient the most pain and distress. This too often has the advantage that the treatment of the one has a knock on effect on the other points and may even balance them without the need for further treatment
  • The final method used if the previous one fails is to treat all except the worst organ – that causing the most pain. In other words concentrate on those giving the least trouble. Once they are balanced it is then often easier to treat the final most troublesome organ. 

The MORA concept – Dr Franz Morell

A case study: a 39-year-old businessman, J.K. carne into my surgery with the specific desire to be treated with MORA, because he rejected using drugs of any kind. He said he was suffering from gastritis which had been confirmed by an X-ray examination.

Apart from the usual discomfort after eating, he suffered from an annoying eructation, which sometimes troubled him for hours. Indeed, the EAP showed indicator drops of 70 to 50 at the first and third points of the stomach meridians on both sides. There were also indicator drops and high measurement values on the small intestines, gallbladder, large intestine and lungs.

The following basic therapy brought almost all points back to normal, i.e. indicator drops and high measurement values had disappeared and given way to a stable measurement value of around 50.

The following remained: the first stomach measurement point right with a value of 65 and indicator drop, the first and the third small intestine point left with values of between 60 and 70 without indicator drop, as well as the third large intestine point left at a value of 80.

I then proceeded with the following individual therapy: first I treated the point of the large intestine and then the points of the small intestine, and finally that of the stomach. The stomach point, which was the last one to be treated, was almost balanced. I only needed tree short impulses. The treatment was a complete success.

Point therapy using two acupuncture points

This form of treatment uses two acupuncture points. The patient does not hold an electrode, instead, the electrodes are placed at the two acupuncture points.

This approach is also key to stage three and spiritual experience, as such some further description is merited. Options include:

  • Points of the same meridian - adjacent points or those lying further apart according to measurement values
  • Points on the same meridian right and left - points of the ‘same order’ for example large intestine 4 right and large intestine 4 left or those of a different order are permissible, for example liver 1 right and liver 3 left
  • Points of different meridians – independent of whether they lie on the same or on different extremities, for example, spleen pancreas 3 right with lungs 2 left

The use of two measurement probes for therapy is recommended if several points continue to show pathological values. In order to achieve optimum results the points with the largest difference in pathological values are combined with each other. The point with the highest measurement value is always connected to the input.




The Mora Concept; Dr Franz Morell in my view the best book on the subject as it was written by the inventor of the technique and equipment

Virtual Medicine  - Mumby , Keith Scott:,Thornsons, UK, 1999

Energy Medicine - The Scientific Basis  - Oschman , James L:, Harcourt, UK, 2000.

www.med-tronik.de - manufacturers of the equipment

Placebo-Controlled Study of the Effects of a Standardized MORA Bioresonance Therapy on Functional Gastrointestinal Complaints  - Nienhaus J and Galle M.. Forsch Komplementarmed. 13(1): 28-34. 2006.

Effect of Bioresonance Therapy on Antioxidant System in Lymphocytes in patients with rheumatoid arthritis  - Islamov BI, Balabanova RM et al.. Bull Exp Biol Med.134(3): 248-50. 2002.


There are clinics throughout Europe [and the world] that can provide this therapy both to heal and for further forms of exploration.  The equipment used these days is far more modern looking than the original equipment I have described in these pages, but the principles are the same.

The number of clinics on mainland Europe far exceeds those in the UK.  There are less than 20 qualified MORA therapists and approx. 45 practitioners in bio-resonance across the whole UK.  This is something of a disadvantage, however, they are based in both the north and south of England

Worldwide examples

The Whole Health and Wellness Institute
639 Riversdale Road
Camberwell Victoria 3124
T:     +61 3 9813 5044
E: admin@healthwise.com.au

Examples in the UK

The Meridian clinic – “We are situated in a peaceful corner of Chadderton, just a few miles North-East of Manchester, with free parking.  We help people to deal with issues such as skin problems and indigestion, allergies and irritable bowel, sugar cravings and weight control, chronic pain and chronic fatigue syndrome, smoking addiction and many more.  For an appointment or more information on any of our services, please call us on
0161 628 2664”

The Rainbow Apothecary – based in Suffolk.  To make an appointment or for further information contact us at info@rainbowapothecary.co.uk or telephone: 01394 386777 or txt/call: 07803128704.

Jules Button Clinic
6 Carlow Mews, Woodbridge, Suffolk, IP12 1EA

The Bio-Energy Clinic 
Maritime House, 14 - 16 Balls Road, Oxton,
Birkenhead, Wirral, Merseyside, CH43 5RE

Cedar Therapy clinic - 48 Runshaw Lane, Euxton Chorley, Lancashire PR7 6AX
Tel: 0845 543 5035 (local rate call)Mobile: +44.7802640644

David and Linda Tagg– Back to Work, Basingstoke, Hampshire Tel:  0845 4631350 

The Andrews clinic of natural therapies – Dr Ken Andrews
Telephone : (01942) 678092
59 Telford Crescent, Leigh, Lancashire, WN7 5LY, England

The Wimbledon Clinic – Dr Thomas Marshall-Manifold
1-2 St Andrews Close, Wimbledon, London SW19 8NJ

Progressive homeopathy – based in Lincolnshire

John Ostrovskis
The Clinic
919 Abbeydale Rd
Sheffield, S7 2BJ
0114 2501162

The UK representative for the med-tronik equipment is:
Mr Stanley Richardson, Back Sload Farm, Balkram Edge, Wainstalls
Halifax, W-Yorkshire, HX2 0UB, England
Tel. +44 1422 249 399, Fax. +44 1422 243 015
E-Mail: Biomedscan@aol.com


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