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Morrells, Luce and Shot!



Type of Spiritual Experience


Possibly the opening of the chakra on the forehead - I'm guessing too

A description of the experience

Hello me old pal, here's another strange, strange dream for your site.
As you know I have been suffering recently, really suffering.  I have psoriasis on the back of my neck which drives me demented, just on the back of my neck - or as you would have said around the twin pillars.  I am erupting in other places with spots, I have aches and pains all over and feel exhausted.  At night and sometimes during the day I have been burning up like a furnace, my whole face goes red and I sweat profusely  - and no it is not the menopause, that happened years ago.

I have been getting help from a nutritionist and the two main things she advised as a starter were to drink a lot more water [this I told you about for the site] and to avoid pork because it is an inflammatory meat.  So I have and the psoriasis and spots have all got worse, which is what she said would happen, because the body has now the fluid it needs to enthusiastically expel all the nastiness it has accumulated over the past - well you know my age.

And as you also know, I have been going for treatment to the MORA man.  He uses the MORA machine to give me light treatment.  Anyway, yesterday I went to him in the morning and he went up and down my neck for a good half hour with the colour blue.  I felt quite relaxed and a bit sleepy after the treatment but as he says it is a way of giving relief, not a cure, if the problem is toxins, parasites, heavy metals, bacteria and viruses - of which I probably have the full complement given my former life.

He also did what he called 'inversion'.  This I will not explain, as I can't.  It needs wee of which I have copious amounts at the moment because of the water.

Anyway I felt quite chirpy by the evening, had at least a pint of water before the meal [a lovely meal of new potatoes, grilled lamb chops, mint sauce and fresh broccoli], then some green tea and bed. 

Now the dream.

I woke up at around about 5 o'clock as a result of the dream, otherwise I would never have remembered it,  because it was so vivid and real.  It was just getting light.

I was in some sort of hotel, top floor.  There was a line of us and a man was going from person to person with a gun.  He placed the gun on the forehead where the chakra point is and fired.  In each case nothing happened, either no bullet or a flag came out or some other strange way of showing nothing.  There was no fear in this dream, everyone stood completely still waiting for this to happen, patiently waiting their turn to die, including me, who also exhibited no fear.

Then he got to me and he fired the gun.  And the result was that somehow I saw me with a red hole/mark in my forehead and masses of blood pouring down over my face, but 'I' had the broadest smile on my face you could imagine.  Furthermore i wasn't dead, I was standing there - smiling ecstatically as if this was meant to happen.

I half woke up but all I could hear was birds singing and singing and singing, like the dawn chorus except I know it was in my head.  I could also hear my heart thumping or at least the blood rushing in my ears.

Gradually it all subsided, but I was hot hot hot, my god was i hot, inside, like a furnace again, but indescribable heat, truly extraordinary and uncontrollable.

I sat up in  bed, our little dog came and lay on me for a while with his body pressed next to mine and his head resting on my body as if he knew something odd had happened and was trying to comfort me.  He is like that, a very kindly loving dog.

Anyway, in the end I went and had a wee, drank a pint of water and went back to sleep, but that dream was so vivid that it was there just as clear in the morning, so here it is for you.

Make of it what you will.

The source of the experience

Morrells, Luce

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