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A parody of Forget You by Cee Lo Green.This is the quote fom the site

"There are many very useful medications that work penicillin for a variety of infections, and acetaminophen for pain. However, there are also many medications that don't work or produce unacceptable side effects (atenolol - lowers blood pressure but doesn't reduce cardiovascular disease, Avandia reduces blood glucose but has no effect on cardiovascular disease or worsens it, Vioxx reduces pain but increases cardiovascular disease). It is in no way meant to be pro or anti-industry but rather that clinicians and patients need to be aware of the best available evidence. In addition, using very low doses and splitting tablets is a very important concept that will really help you use medications properly. The bottom line is make sure you are familiar with the evidence before you use or recommend medications to patients and hey, be careful out there."

My own view is that pharmaceuticals kill, being symptom based medicine, but hey at least this video is  a step in the right direction and indeed until you find the cause, a one off medication may provide relief.

If it  is a medicine you only need to take it once and it should heal.  If it doesn't heal then it isn't working.


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