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Vibrotherapy and prostate problems



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The treatment of chronic prostatitis complicated by sexual disorders with vibrotherapy.
[Article in Ukrainian] - Havryliuk IP, Havryliuk MI, Samchuk OM, Kurylo VIa, Havryliuk SI.

The authors used intrarectal local vibrotherapy in 151 patients with chronic prostatitis; of these, 72 had corticospinal impotence. The most numerous group of cases with chronic prostatitis complicated by impotence was constituted of those patients with an inflammatory process in prostate, whose parenchymas were badly injured by a pathologic process leading to different stages fibrosis. The authors regard impotence as a sequence of events in the course of a pathologic process in spinal cord according to the Law of Hysteresis, bearing in mind that the process of hysteresis is reversible. All patients derived apparent therapeutic benefit from vibratory message in a combined treatment of chronic prostatitis, having got well in the long run. Recovery of sex function was observed in 52%. In cases of fibrosis development in patients with impotence the only current hope for improvement in the condition is offered by stimulation with electrical current of the colliculus seminalis zone.

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