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Lethbridge, T C - ESP Beyond Time and Distance – Diagnosis using pendulums



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T C Lethbridge – ESP Beyond Time and Distance

Now you can take the short pendulum and get a victim to lie on the floor. If you keep the pendulum oscillating across his backbone, at any point in the victim's back where there is damage and the current in the nervous system does not run freely, the pendulum will gyrate.

I have done this with some people and apparently the pendulum tells the truth.

Arthritis can be located easily. This is not imagination. The back can be examined by X-rays and the pendulum proved to be telling the truth. It has been done with one of my victims and arthritis revealed at each point where the pendulum indicated an obstruction. I am not setting up as a healer or anything of that sort. I am simply an inquisitive person trying to find out what is going on.

As far as I can see the pendulum is an aid to diagnosis and since dowsing is related to such things as diagnosis with 'The Box', this apparatus is reliable.

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Lethbridge, Thomas Charles

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