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Bunny Vreeland cured of allergies by hypnotherapy



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By Bunny Vreeland, Clinical Hypnotherapist

Hypnotherapy and Allergies

25 years ago I suffered from Migraine Headaches and allergies to the point that I would pass out from the headache pain.

At the same time I was seeing an allergist 3 times a week for allergies to grass, dust mites, mold, roses and about 30 other items.

I tried various medications and treatments. None of these helped me. What did help me was Hypnotherapy. It completely eliminated all my headaches and allergies and I haven’t had even a hint of any problems, since. No drugs or medicine, either. I was so impressed with the results that I became actively involved with the study of Hypnotherapy.

I was so delighted with what I learned I eventually went on to receive my Ph.D in Clinical Hypnotherapy.
If you suffer from Allergies, consider eliminating them with Hypnotherapy, as I did. Hypnosis has helped thousands, maybe millions of people to release allergies from their lives.

My own allergies went away with Hypnosis over 25 years ago and I have never had another allergic reaction to anything in all that time!

Allergies are actually a mistake the brain makes as a response to certain substances. The brain perceives the substance as life threatening and creates histamines to battle the exposure to the substance. When the brain learns that this substance is not life threatening, it can change the response.

The autonomic nervous system is controlled by the subconscious mind. Hypnosis makes profound changes in the subconscious mind, sometimes in only one session.

If you are allergic to several things you will want to approach each specific substance one at a time. When you listen to the session for specific allergies you will be neutralizing the response for each item, one in each session.

An allergy is like a phobia of the Immune System. Hypnosis is effective in curing or reducing all phobias.
Try it. What do you have to lose except your allergies?

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