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Villoldo, Dr Alberto - The sub-levels of Earth - second tier



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Soul Retrieval –  Dr Alberto Villoldo

The second tier of the Upper world is much more pleasant for humans than the first.  You can see, and all your senses are available to you…….  In this plane, the tide of time still exerts a pull, and cause and effect still predominate……

This is the domain of the ‘Plant people’…….. it’s a green world where the spirits of the plants reside.  In Hopi mythology, this is the place where, after the coming of light, plant life appears on earth.

The Laika journey to this place to receive guidance as to which herbs and plants they should use for a person in need.  It’s from communing with this world that pharmacology first emerged among traditional peoples – it wasn’t through trial and error, as we Westerners might believe.

The healers didn’t test a hundred remedies to see which one worked on a stomach ache or a wound from an arrow.  Today, when an ethnobotanist asks people in the rain forest how they know which plants to use in which combinations for any particular purpose, the answer from the shaman is simple ‘The spirit of the plant tells us’.

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Villoldo, Alberto

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