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Villoldo, Alberto

Category: Healer

I was a little unsure as to whether to classify Alberto as a healer or a shaman as he is actually both, however, his principal practises are based on healing.

Dr Alberto Villoldo is a Cuban-born psychologist, anthropologist and author who has studied the shamanic healing practices of the Amazon and Inca shamans for over 25 years. He is the founder of The Four Winds Society, which offers a two-year long program in energy medicine and leads trips to Peru.

Villoldo graduated in 1969 with a bachelor's degree in Inter-American Studies, followed by a master's in Psychology (1972), and a doctorate in psychology at the Humanistic Psychology Institute. He is thus a rather interesting shaman because he allies western scientific research with traditional methods and tries to find out how they work and why.  While on the faculty of San Francisco State University, for example, Villoldo investigated the effects of ‘energy healing’ on blood and brain chemistry

Roberto Villoldo on left

Villoldo gives credit to a number of Shamans for his knowledge.  The following people shared their Shamanic knowledge with him through his years in Peru and the Amazon, thus in providing observations for him, we are in a sense also including the experiences of these men and women;

  • Don Antonio Morales - Both a shaman, and a University Professor in Cusco, who spoke Quechua the language of the Inca, and who travelled with Villoldo for more than ten years gathering shamanic knowledge of a great many tribes and cultures through the Andes, and the Amazon.
  • Don Manuel Quispe - A Q'ero medicine man who for seven years taught with Villoldo the ways of the kurak akuyek, the Andean Shamanic degrees.
  • Dona Laura - An Andean medicine woman who lived near Mt Ausangate the Inka holy mountain and was one of Villoldo's teachers
  • Don Eduardo Calderon - A fisherman, and coastal shaman, who taught Villoldo to work with spirits.

In 2011 Villoldo produced a documentary Amazonia: Healing With Sacred Plants which focuses on the sacred plants of the Peru's Amazon region. In the film he chronicles the work of the master shamans, and explains the process and theory behind the use of ayahuasca, the 'vine of the souls.'

He is a prolific author I recommend you search on Amazon for the latest list of his books.


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