Does heaven exist? With well over 100,000 plus recorded and described spiritual experiences collected over 15 years, to base the answer on, science can now categorically say yes. Furthermore, you can see the evidence for free on the website allaboutheaven.org.

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This book, which covers Visions and hallucinations, explains what causes them and summarises how many hallucinations have been caused by each event or activity. It also provides specific help with questions people have asked us, such as ‘Is my medication giving me hallucinations?’.

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Villoldo, Dr Alberto - Journeying into the Chamber of Treasures



Type of Spiritual Experience


Symbolically, the type of artefact found in spiritual experiences may have a meaning for us.  One of its meanings may be an indicator of what our true ‘destiny’ needs to be.
If we are stuck in a dead end job, unhappy and discontented, wondering what to do, a dream or a hypnosis session that provides us with a vision, might help us if we go down to the Underworld and find artefacts there.

Remembering that everything in the spirit world is a pun – a play on words – you should not take the object as it is, but think about the symbolic associations it might indicate.  For example if you see a sharp knife, then it doesn’t mean your destiny is to be a butcher, but it may mean you need to cut your ties with whatever you are engrossed in at that point in your life – whatever is holding you back. 

In Dr Villoldo’s book, he suggest that during any spiritual experience and also perhaps as an exercise after the experience, you ask the following questions to help you determine the symbolism of what you have found 



How can I best use you?

What is your purpose?

How can I bring you into my everday life?

What artefacts are holding me back?

What artefacts do I no longer need?



A description of the experience

Soul Retrieval – Dr Alberto Villoldo

…..every single one of us has gifts:  treasures that we can bring up from the Lower World that will lead us to our destiny. Unfortunately, many of us are unaware of these hidden capacities because we've settled into the lifestyle required of us by family, work, and circumstance. We get on a “train through life” and stay on it regardless of whether it's the right one or not. We stay on board simply because we've found a seat and it’s too much trouble to pick up our baggage and change at the next station. For example, in college we take an aptitude test that indicates that we have a talent for a career in medicine, when all our soul wants to do is design airplanes. So our counsellors steer us toward pharmacy school, and we end up counting pills while looking longingly at the clouds. We’ve missed our calling......

Your newly recovered soul part will gather whatever implements it needs to express its mission and purpose. In fact, these tools are "medicine gifts" because they carry within them the power to manifest a new dimension of expression in your life - they'll enable you to board a new train to a fresh destination.
Coming in many shapes and forms, tools are metaphors, so yours may be a paintbrush or even something as simple as a stone or a grain of rice.  These  medicine gifts are never only what they seem to be. ……………
Like digging for diamonds, you have to journey deep into the Chamber of Treasures to find tools of value. They'll be the gifts of your subconscious, not the wrenches and pliers of your everyday work or family life. In other words, these aren’t the pens  you use to sign cheques, but the quills used to write poetry.  They’re the material of the mystic, sage, artist, and scientist.

The source of the experience

Villoldo, Alberto

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