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Villoldo, Dr Alberto - On the sacred feminine



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Soul Retrieval – Dr Alberto Villoldo

The loss of the sacred feminine that Eden and Eve represent in our culture, whether it's reflected in our disrespect for women or our denigration of Mother Earth, is our collective soul loss as human beings. 

And when we demonise the feminine, we live in a world devoid of the sacred.  We end up believing that matter, or the material world, is what’s important, not the spiritual.

Indeed, the word matter comes from the Latin root mater, meaning “mother”, so in our warping of the sacred feminine, we've come to believe that things are maternal and they'll take care of us. But matter isn’t equal to spirit; snapping up Chanel couture is not going to make our spirit soar.

Consequently, our divorce from the feminine is the deep, primitive wound we all bear.

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Villoldo, Alberto

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