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Villoldo, Dr Alberto - The Ox Archetype



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Soul Retrieval –  Dr Alberto Villoldo

Patty “When I first ‘saw’ my animal I was puzzled by the big lumbering creature that came to me – but when I engaged the ox in dialogue, it informed me that he was my partner.  He said that he was there to work with me and share my load.  He was accustomed to being yoked to another ox, pulling as a team for their entire lives.  When the two animals are nurtured, they work together, each pulling far more than its own weight, but also only carrying half the burden.  When the partnership works, there’s almost nothing a pair of oxen can’t do together.

He told me that because the ox is so powerful, it’s easy to overlook its vulnerabilities.  We all know the expression ‘as strong as an ox’, but this animal can be killed through overwork  ………. And an ox can be very inflexible, refusing to work with a partner it doesn’t like or to change its ways.  The danger is in being ‘as stubborn as an ox’ and refusing to cooperate or resolve differences.  And there’s nothing like an ox that just wants to pull its own way – particularly when it’s yoked to another animal.

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Villoldo, Alberto

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