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Primitive Physic: or An Easy and Natural Method of Curing Most Diseases - John Wesley 04



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VI.  LONDON, June 11, 1747

1. The passions have a greater influence upon health than most people are aware of.

2. All violent and sudden passions dispose to, or actually throw people into acute diseases.

3. The slow and lasting passions, such as grief and hopeless love, bring on chronical diseases.

4. Till the passion, which caused the disease, is calmed, medicine is applied in vain.

5. The love of God, as it is the sovereign remedy of all miseries, so in particular it effectually prevents all the bodily disorders the passions introduce, by keeping the passions themselves within due bounds; and by the unspeakable joy and perfect calm serenity and tranquility it gives the mind; it becomes the most powerful of all the means of health and long life.

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Wesley, John

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