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Calligaris, Professor Giuseppe - Beyond the world sensible



Type of Spiritual Experience


Strictly speaking he was 'in body' in a literal sense, but this may have been a vision or an out of body.


A description of the experience

In 1928 Professor Calligaris discovered that stimulation of specific parts of the body - which he called "charge", produced some extraordinary results.  Using the finger and holding it perpendicular to the trigger point he was able to generate both psychological and physical results.  He could heal and provoke emotional responses, as well as other physical responses. 

He called the trigger points ‘plaques’ and in 1931 found that by pressing some of these points and holding the finger on that area for some time, he could even invoke spiritual experiences. One day exploring the effects, he had his own experience, unfortunately the description he gives is none too graphic, it is however genuine and the implication is that he was able to investigate the organs of his own body in microscopic detail ….he

“saw unfolding before his closed eyes - one of the most mysterious and fascinating phenomena that he had seen”

He reported ……..

 “As a microscope allows you to extend the research in the microcosm, the skin plaques allow you to extend the investigations beyond the world sensible”

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Calligaris, Professor Giuseppe

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