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Tirrukural, the - Book 2 from Medicine



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Tirrukural, the - Book 2 from Medicine

941. Three things beginning with wind, say the experts,
In excess or lacking cause disease.

942. His body needs no drugs who only eats
After digesting what he ate before.

943. Past food digested, eat in measure
And so live long.

944. Assured of digestion and truly hungry
Eat with care agreeable food.

945.  Agreeable food in moderation
Ensures absence of pain.

946.  As health to a moderate eater
So disease sticks to a glutton.

947.  Measureless eating the stomach cannot tackle
Causes measureless ills.

948.  Diagnose with care, discover the cause,
And find and apply the remedy.

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Tirrukural, the

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