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Thomas Dekker - The Gul's Horne-Booke



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Thomas Dekker (c. 1572 – 25 August 1632) was an English Elizabethan dramatist and pamphleteer, a versatile and prolific writer whose career spanned several decades and brought him into contact with many of the period's most famous dramatists.

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Thomas Dekker - The Gul's Horne-Booke 1609

For do but consider what an excellent thing sleep is.  It is so inestimable a jewel that if a Tyrant would give his crown for an hour's slumber, it cannot be bought.  Of so beautiful a shape is it, that though a man lie with an Empress, his heart cannot be at quiet till he leaves her embracements to be at rest with the other.

Yea, so greatly indebted are we to this kinsman of death, that we owe the better tributary half of our life to him; and there is good cause why we should do so, for sleep is that golden chain that ties health and our bodies tgether.

Who complains of want, of wounds, of cares, of great men's oppressions, of captivity, whilst he sleepeth?  Beggars in their beds take as much pleasure as kings.  Can we therefore surfeit on this delicate ambrosia?

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