Spiritual concepts

Memory and subliminal models

What we may not realize is that there are models being built in our Memory of which we are not at all aware.  I have called these subliminal models.


The process of Learning is generally not a consciously controlled one, and we may be subconsciously taking up facts and building models of which we are only vaguely aware, if at all.

The automatic nature of learning and the subliminal nature of some models can be both positive and negative. The constant barrage of TV ‘news’, advertisements and so on, and the haranguing of the tabloid newspapers, undoubtedly negatively affects our mental models.   And very little of what we receive from these sources is actually ‘true’, much is manufactured by PA men, marketing men, journalists and politicians.

Rationally, the person may still believe it to be a load of nonsense, but irrationally the model may have been built.  The existence of these subliminal models can often explain behaviour by a person, which they themselves do not understand.  It may take the form of unaccountable impulses to act, or even inhibitions of action, or of obsessive ideas.


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