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Krishnamurti - The Network of Thought - You, the ego… the me is just memory



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Memory is created by learning, but there is also an extra function, ‘remembering’.  Whilst learning creates memory, remembering uses memory, one creates amends and deletes data, and the other extracts data.  It is rare to remember anything from perceptions  - to relive events as they happened, generally this only happens when we have a spiritual experience, so it is only by having a spiritual experience that we get perfect recall of an event.  At all other times we get all our information about past events from memory and memory can be terribly wrong

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J.  Krishnamurti – The Network of Thought

You, the ego… the me is just memory.  There is no spot or space in which there is clarity – you can believe, hope, have faith, that there is something in you which is uncontaminated, … but that belief is merely illusory.

 All beliefs are.  But the fact is that our whole existence is entirely memory, remembrances.  There is no spot or space inwardly which is not memory.  You can investigate this; if you are enquiring seriously into yourself you will see that the 'me', the ego, is all remembrances.  And that is our life.  We function, live, from memory. 


But what is it that is going to reincarnate?  What is it that will continue?  What is it that has continuity in our present daily life?  It is the perception of yesterday's experiences, pleasures, fears, and anxieties.

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Krishnamurti, Jiddu

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