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Being left handed

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Involuntary and voluntary

Introduction and description

Physically our brain is in two halves joined by the corpus callosum. We have a right side and a left side to our brains. The right side of our brains appears to control the left side of our body whilst the left side of our brain controls the right side of our body. We know this from stroke victims when a stroke to one side of the brain causes paralysis in the opposite side of the body.

The right brain contains the female principle and the left brain contains the male principle. Normally if you are right handed you will be left brained. If you are left handed you will be right brained, although it may not always work this way.

The key to spiritual experience is via the feminine principle. The temporary suppression of the intellect and the male principle so that the feminine principle can be contacted via the Composer. We get access to the spiritual world via Perceptions and Perceptions are part of the feminine in us. Dreams are perceptions.  For more details see The Model of spiritual experience.


This means that anyone who is a left hander is already well on their way to achieving contact with the Composer as they have 'engaged' their right brain by using their left hand.

Scriabin temporarily lost the use of his right hand and had to use his left and he wrote some wonderful music as a consequence. Lewis Carroll was a left hander naturally but had been forced to use his right at school from whence he developed a stammer.

The forced use of the right hand by schools was a very sinister way of ensuring they had no 'dreamers' in their class, that intellect won over creativity, which is both shocking and cruel when you consider it, as well as very short sighted.

Some people use their left hand deliberately in order to engage the right brain a bit more – this works, though being born left handed is a lot easier.

Both my brother and I are left handed and he is a master sorcerer able to make a pint of beer disappear in a second [no sorry I'm joking – or maybe I'm not]. I, on the other hand am a dab hand at painting and poetry.


Around about 8-10% of the population are left handed if allowed to be.
In one of those interesting little nuggets of research that occasionally surfaces, blind children tend to be more left handed than sighted children.
“Rates of left-handedness were compared in 1387 blind and 831 sighted children. ... The incidence of left-handedness was significantly higher in blind than in sighted children in both boys and girls. The percentages of left-handedness were 18.23% and 17.02% in male and female blind children, and 11.02% and 7.52% in male and female sighted children, respectively." PMID: 19142794

Twins also tend to be more left handed than right handed, but even in twins one can be right handed and the other left handed
"Same-sex twins have been found to have a higher incidence of left-handedness than that usually reported in the general population. There is a high incidence of handedness discordance (one twin right-handed and his co-twin left-handed) in both monozygotic and dizygotic twin pairs". PMID: 773368

Autistic children and adults show a high incidence of left handedness:
"The present study reports preliminary data from two unselected samples of carefully diagnosed autistic subjects (children and adults) ….The results reveal a dramatic shift away from right-handedness in both autistic samples, due to a raised incidence of ….manifest left-handedness and ambiguous handedness. PMID: 3722117

Congenitally deaf children tend to be more left handed than right handed
"The rates of left-handedness were compared in 94 deaf and 104 normal children to test whether the rate of left-handedness is higher in children with congenital deafness than normals [sic]. ..Of 104 normal children, 94 (90.39%) were right-handed and 10 (9.61%) were left-handed. Of 91 deaf children, 72 (79.12%) were right-handed and 19 (20.88%) were left-handed. The difference between the incidences of left-handedness between these groups was statistically significant: deaf children were more left-handed and less right-handed than their normal counterparts." PMID: 12448839

Finally, another little gem of research that has emerged is that there is a link between a difficult birth or premature birth including hypoxia during birth, and stuttering and left handedness. 
The most frequent organic pathology, for [stuttering], was a severe traumatic brain injury, followed by cerebral anoxia/hypoxia, cerebrovascular accident and others. One important element in both groups was the presence of stuttering and high percentages of left-handedness in the families." PMID: 15926130

There is also a link between left handedness and 'more active immune systems', possibly leading to auto-immune diseases:
“First, it was predicted and found that left handers had a higher incidence of autoimmune diseases in their immediate families than did right handers. Second, those left handers with an incidence of at least one autoimmune disease were more strongly left-handed than were those with no incidence of autoimmunity. Finally, it was observed that higher testosterone levels were supportive of general immunity."PMID: 11527332


As explained above you are either born this way or you can use your left hand deliberately to try to encourage the right brain to be a bit more active.

If you want to tell if someone is left handed at a glance, look at the way they part their hair.  If, looking at them, the parting is on your left and their right, they are left handed.

Any self portraits of artists in olden days was done using a mirror, as such if you see a painter appearing to use his right hand, he was, in reality, left handed, though they would have been brave to have admitted it.


How it works

Physically there is an argument to be made for brain damage having occurred, during gestation, or at birth.  I do not believe in the genetics argument, except insofar as it predisposes the mother to have difficult births.

There have been numerous studies associating reduced longevity with left handedness.  Given that one can die from numerous causes from toxins, to bacteria, to viruses, war to accident, any study of this sort is prone to error.  It is worth adding, however, that there is a small correlation - left handers do die earlier and it may well be because they have damaged brains.
"The results indicate that left-handers have small, yet significant, declines in survival probabilities between the ages of 65 and 85. PMID: 8178195"

Logically, the damage ends up being fortuitous spiritually.  See the Model and the explanation for How spiritual experience works



If we take a look at just a few of the well-known people for whom I have no observations [as yet] who were, or are, left handed we have the following. Lewis Carroll was left handed, but I have not listed every observation of his, as it would have overwhelmed the chart! 

Alexander The Great
Napoleon Bonaparte
Julius Caesar
Prince William [UK]

Barrack Obama

Henry Ford

Marie Curie

Bill Gates
Steve Wozniack

Germaine Greer

Benjamin Franklin

Diego Armando Maradona
John McEnroe
Martina Navratilova
Greg Rusedski

Charles Babbage in his youth


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