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Patrick Proctor Alexander - Spiritualism: A Narrative with a Discussion – 13 Are you all grateful to God for His many mercies ? We go



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Not much more time was allowed us, however, for further development of the phenomena by the method of collusion or otherwise, for a twitch was suddenly heard at the handle of the door of the room.

“Ah !” said Mr. Home, on hearing it, — as I also did, and I suppose everyone else,— “that is a bad sign. I fear we shall not have much more of it to-night : almost invariably I find that to mean that the Spirits are preparing to depart.”

And, sure enough, the next communication we had from them announced itself as a final one. It was to this effect :

“Are you all grateful to God for His many mercies ? We go.”

 I was looking over the shoulder of the young lady who took down the letters; and up to the word God I could quite decipher the sentence so as very well to guess what was coming. As I anticipated, when the letter G was read out, the table at once responded, and it did so with a kind of rapture of edifying enthusiasm, rising and falling thrice directly under my hands with an energy and emphasis it had never before exhibited. With the O which followed it was the same. D ditto. The holy name was rapped out, in point of fact, thus — GOD — in prominent and pious capitals. The word Mercies was, in like manner, emphasized ; and a little difficulty of the kind before explained occurring with one or two of its letters, Mr. Home observed, ' I don't know what that may be; but I'm certain' (from the eager enthusiasm displayed, of course, by the table) ' it has something to do with the Divine Being.'

Having thus said 'We go,' the Spirits were as good as their word; and though we sat for some twenty minutes longer, in hope that perhaps they might return, they declined to do so ; and we had thus no more communications.

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Home, D. D.

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