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Monroe, Robert - The thread and cord when out of body



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The technology used was hemi-sync

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Journeys out of the body – Robert Monroe

1/9/61 Night

In response to a question brought up in discussion with Mrs. Bradshaw, I decided to see if there truly was a "cord" between the physical and the Second Body.

In the past, I had not noticed any if there was, except for an odd tugging action at times. With this in mind, I went through the memory procedure, in the late afternoon, near dusk. I worked out of the physical via axis rotation, and remained in the room several feet up and away from the physical. I turned to look for the "cord" but it was not visible to me; either it  was too dark or not there.

Then I reached around my head to see if I could feel it coming out the front, top, or back of my head.  As I reached the back of my head, my hand brushed against something and I felt behind me with both hands.

Whatever it was extended out from a spot in my back directly between my shoulder blades, as nearly as I can determine, not from the head, as I expected. I felt the base, and it felt exactly like the spread-out roots of a tree radiating out from the basic trunk. The roots slanted outward and into my back down as far as the middle of my torso, up to my neck, and into the shoulders on each side. I reached outward, and it formed into a "cord," if you can call a two-inch-thick cable a "cord."

It was hanging loosely, and I could feel its texture very definitely. It was body-warm to the touch and seemed to be composed of hundreds (thousands?) of tendon-like strands packed neatly together, but not twisted or spiralled. It was flexible, and seemed to have no skin covering. Satisfied that it did exist, I took off and went.

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Monroe, Robert

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