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Vaughan, Dr Alan – Dr Edgar Mitchell's ESP experiment from Apollo 14



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Patterns of Prophecy – Alan Vaughan


In July 1971,  Psychic magazine flew me to Houston, Texas, to visit the Manned Spacecraft Center for an interview with Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell.

 I had to go through the Manned Spacecraft Center's public relations officer, and this entailed a number of long-distance phone calls. It was worth it. At last I was able to approximate my boyhood dream by entering the mock-up Apollo lunar module that surveyed a mock-up moon at the Manned Spacecraft Center.

But more important, I was able to get from Captain Mitchell the details of his dramatic moon-earth ESP experiment that gave significant evidence that ESP could penetrate not only the vastness of space but also the limits of time.

Because of a delay in the lift-off of Apollo 14, the periods scheduled for the astronauts' rest times (and Mitchell's ESP transmission times) were also delayed; the percipients on earth, however, recorded their guesses at the old prearranged times, thus making their guesses before Mitchell had himself determined the target order-ergo, pre- cognition.

Mitchell's ESP experiment from Apollo 14 was only the first step of a more comprehensive plan to bring to parapsychology the brains and money it needs to effect a major change in consciousness.

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