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Gardner, Ingrid - On God



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I was having a think about God the other day and why the religions have such  an odd notion of what God is.

I think that the necessity to state in clear terms that there was only one God, at a time when any number of different unpleasant deities were being worshipped, sacrificed to and idolised, has caused immense problems in religious thought. 

The statement was true, but it was only half the story.  Furthermore, I suspect the story at the time could not be muddied with 'ifs' and 'buts' as the effort needed to bring people round to even this idea was enormous.  If the door had been left open to the possibility of other Intelligences being in the spiritual world, the concept of 'God' as the supreme Intelligence would never have been accepted.

But this simple statement – there is only one God has led to any number of additional assumptions being made.  This God must be a personal God [which does not at all follow], this God being the only God is responsible for all of creation and evolution – again this does not follow.  This God must be a just God, a merciful God, a benevolent God – again none of this follows from the statement that there is only one God.

Perhaps the most damaging and destructive outcome of the belief that 'God' is  the only thing in 'heaven' [the spiritual world], is that if any contact is made at all, it must be with God. In other words, the assumption is made that  all there is in heaven is 'God' and this 'God' is somehow a personal single entity, thus if we get any revelation at all,  everyone then assumes that they have had contact with God, despite all the Biblical references that say this is simply not a possibility.

We  have religions based on this erroneous notion and we have had wars and wholly destructive immoral acts perpetrated because of this idea. 

Do you know, I think it cannot be emphasised strongly enough that there is no evidence at all that God has ever communicated with anyone on earth directly, nor is there any evidence that we would be able to understand a single thing communicated.

All communication is via intermediaries – other Intelligences or Beings.  ALL.

As one who knows eh?

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Gardner, Ingrid

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