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Spiritual concepts

Ultimate Intelligence

The Ultimate Intelligence is at the pinnacle - the top - of the Intelligence hierarchy.    The One, with all the Functions and attributes of the creation.  The Ultimate Intelligence is thus also the ultimate Spirit Entity.  The Ultimate Intelligence is also the master copy of the Creation,  thus the combined Creator and the Created.

For any Christians reading this, this is what was meant by Jesus when he said [John 10:30] "I and my father are one’.  In effect, I am a perfect copy of the software of the human being which is part of the overall package that is the Ultimate Intelligence.  So I, Jesus, contain [some of] the software of the Ultimate Intelligence.  But we only contain a subset [a tiny subset given how many types of things there are].

 And for Hindus we have the words of Sri Ramakrishna.

I look upon all human beings - in fact, all creatures - as incarnations of the Deity. I see God evolving into all things, God manifests in everything - in Man and Nature. I see God himself has taken these multifarious forms that appear before our eyes in this universe.”

For God read Ultimate Intelligence.  I have a separate entry for God, which discusses some of the problems with continuing to use this this term. 

The summary of all the observations shown below giving an argument for the existence of an Ultimate Intelligence are

  • There appear to be objectives to the creation.  For there to be objectives there has to be a power capable of setting the objectives and devising a plan to achieve them.
  •  There appears to be a strategy to the creation – diversity, reusability, aggregation over time. For there to be a strategy there has to be a power capable of devising a strategy
  •  There appear to be increments of development in creation – evolution which has followed a defined course.  Again for there to be increments there has to be a plan and a plan implies a planner – a strategic thinker. 
  • In order for there to be a team [thus Intelligences], something has to create them.  Allowing for the possibility that Intelligences can create Intelligences, we still arrive at the possibility of there being a 'highest Intelligence'
  •  There appears to be system in the universe, functions which act predictably, at least on our planet, seemingly also in our solar system and possibly throughout our galaxy.  Beyond this we do not know.  Any form of order implies a power capable of creating and updating system.  However, this does not in itself prove the existence of one ‘God’, as the creation of system could equally well be achieved via a vast spiritual team, the Intelligence hierarchy
  • By definition the Ultimate Intelligence is the sum of all functionality and attributes of the forms created over time, together with the functions of objective setting, defining the strategy and deciding the increments of development, as well as the function that defines in strategic terms, the systems  required.  Whether 'our' God is the God of the entire universe is unclear, however, there is enough evidence to indicate 'our' God is the God of our planet and solar systems and the possibility that 'our' God is also the God of our galaxy.
  • The observations seem to point to the fact that by virtue of the fact that the Ultimate Intelligence is all function he is indeed a merciful, benevolent, just God, but is equally well a destructive, unmerciful, angry, tyrannical, gay, heterosexual, homosexual, male, female, black, white, coffee coloured, happy, sad, joyful, whimsical, dog function, cat function, human function, tree function, plant function, water function, mineral function God.  God is all function.  He/she/it is in a position to understand everything, because he/she/it is the sum total of everything - every attribute and every function.

At one time this entry stated that Ultimate Intelligence is a synonym for God.  But it has since become clear that in some cases it is not.  As such you need to follow the link to see why.

Note: I think it should be clear that the statement that there is only one Ultimate Intelligence, does not exclude the possibility that there are any number of other Intelligences and all the observations seem to point to the fact that this is the case – one 'God', literally  millions of Intelligences and Beings.


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