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Spinoza, Baruch - Ethics - Order of creation



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If God is the sum of all systems - all functions - and as a consequence the sum of all function dependencies too, then there had to be a logical order in which these functions were created.  Furthermore any other order would have produced a different set of functions and since God is defined by the functions [attributes] created, this ‘God’ would have been by definition a different God.

Different functions, different function dependencies different ‘God’

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Baruch Spinoza - Ethics

Things could have been produced by God in no other way and in no other order than they have been produced.  For all things have necessarily followed from God's given nature and have been determined from the necessity of God's nature to exist and produce an effect in a certain way.  Therefore, if things could have been of another nature, or could have been determined to produce an effect in another way, so that the order of Nature was different, then God's nature could also have been other than it is now and therefore that other nature would also have had to exist.....

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Spinoza, Baruch

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