Spiritual concepts

Function dependency

See Function.

If we analogously understand that the spirit world is in effect the software of the universe, the animator of the universe, the next thing to appreciate is that, just like software, all the functions are inter related.  They are dependent on one another.   The universe is a vast collection of unseen spiritual functions connected by spiritual links.  All activity is like the firing of these links – don’t think physically now, think in software terms, functions [programs] are being executed.

The Universe software package [the Created] is the master copy of the software and will have various links in its design.  But then the physical universe gets copies of the various parts of the package so these links will be preserved.  So all activity works at the level of the implemented packages not at the main master copy.

Again, analogously, Microsoft [the Creator]  may have produced a Word master package [Created] copied on millions of computers [the Implemented] and because the package is a copy, all the links will be duplicated.

The overall effect is a network of pathways all connected up, …..

Gojusan [translated by Lucien Stryk]

Seamless -
Touched, it glitters
Why spread such nets
For sparrows?

For details of why we can sometimes hear music from the universe see  – see Songlines

[examples of function dependency diagrams can be seen in the book I used for this project - A Simple Introduction to Data and Activity Analysis].


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