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John Townley and Robert Schmidt - The law of seriality and its implications for astrology



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This is fascinating.  The two authors translated Kammerer's works and thus understood something of the principles he espoused.  The way they describe their conclusions is, in my view not correct because they are still looking at the surface appearances - the physical manifestation of things and not concentrating on the underlying system.  But what they have concluded - and I should emphasise that this is their interpretation but using Kammerer's theories - is that astrology could easily have a scientific basis, it is just that we do not understand the full system.

In some respects this is confirmed in a rather strange practical way, as the production of a horoscope for someone can be done these days via the computer - in other words, not only is it a system but it can be programmed.  The text below is an extract from an article on Kammerer.  I have linked it to him, because it uses his theories of the systems of the universe.


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