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Boehme, Jacob - Aurora - Celestial music and songlines



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Jacob Boehme – Aurora – Chapter 4

35. The second, form or property of heaven in the divine pomp or state is Mercurius or the sound, as in the Salitter of the earth there is the sound, whence there groweth gold, silver, copper, iron and the like of which men make all manner of musical instruments for sounding or for mirth, as bells, organ-pipes and, other things that make a sound. There is likewise a sound in all the creatures upon earth, else all would be in stillness and silence.

36. By that sound all powers are moved in heaven, so that all things grow joyfully, and, generate very beautifully: And as the divine power is manifold and various, so also the sound, or Mercurius is manifold and various.

37. For when the powers spring up in God they touch and stir one another, and move one in another, and so there is a constant harmony, mixing or concert, from whence go forth all manner of colours.

38. In those colours grow all manner of fruits, which rise or spring up in the Salitter, and the Mercurius or sound mingleth itself therewith, and riseth up in all the powers of the Father, and then sounding and tunes rise up in the heavenly joyfulness.

39. If you should in this world, bring many thousand sorts of musical instruments together, and all should be tuned in the best manner, most artificially, and the most skilful masters of music should play on them in concert together, all would  be no more than the howlings and barkings of dogs, in comparison with the divine music, which riseth up through the divine sound and tunes from eternity to eternity.

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Boehme, Jacob

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