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Martineau, Harriet - Letters on Mesmerism - The power of one mind over another's



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This observation demonstrates how powerful is hypnotherapy and how extraordinary is the power of the mind.

As everything in the end is functional [software not hardware] it should not be a surprise, but perhaps what is surprisng is that it is possible to will another to be well


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Letters on Mesmerism – Harriet Martineau

The first very striking circumstance to me, a novice, though familiar enough to the practised, was the power of my Mesmerist's volition, without any cooperation on my part.

One very warm morning in August, when everybody else was oppressed by heat, I was shivering a little under the mesmeric influence of my maid,-the influence, in those days, causing the sensation of cold currents running through me, from head-to foot.

“This cold will not do for you, ma'am," said M.

"O!" said I, " it is fresh, and I do not mind it:" and immediately my mind went off to something else.

In a few minutes, I-was surprised by a feeling as of warm water trickling through the channels of the late cold.

In reply to my observation, that I was warm, now, M. said, " Yes, ma'am, that is what I am doing."

By inquiry and observation, it became clear to me, that her influence was, generally speaking composing, just in proportion to her power of willing it should be so.

When afterwards I saw how the volition of the Mesmerist could cause a supposition that the same glass of water was now wine, now porter etc I became too much familiarised with the effect to be as much astonished as many readers doubtless will be.

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Martineau, Harriet

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