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Still, Andrew Taylor - What is Nature



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We speak of life, but know of it only as we see bodies move by life back of the visible matter. Does Nature have a finer matter that is invisible and that moves all that is visible to us? Life surely is a very finely prepared substance, which is the all-moving force of Nature, or that force that moves all nature from worlds to atoms. It seems to be a substance that contains all the principles of construction and motion, with the power to endow that which it constructs with the attributes necessary to the object it has formulated from matter and sent forth as a the incomprehensible, appears with man as the crowning effort of the wisdom of an all-wise chemist, be he known as God, Nature, the Unknowable, or the ever-living Genius of the universe.
—Philosophy and Mechanical Principles of Osteopathy

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Still, Andrew Taylor

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