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The soul being referred to here is Plato's immortal soul - the Higher spirit.

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Letters on Mesmerism – Harriet Martineau

On Saturday, October 12, she had told us that she now ”saw the shades of things " that she wanted to know, and that she should “soon see clearer".

The next evening, she went into a great rapture about the  “gleams " becoming brighter, so that she should soon see all she wished.

The light came through the brain, -not like sunlight, nor moonlight.- “No, there is no light on earth like this:" the knowledge she got “comes astonishingly,-amazingly,-so pleasantly!"

“How is the mesmerising done which causes this ?"-

“By all the powers at once”

“What powers? "-

“The soul, and the mind, and the vital powers of the body."

Then, as we inquired-

“The mind is not the same as the soul.  All are required in mesmerising but the mind most, though Mesmerism is still something else."-

“Those three things exist in every human being,  - the soul, the mind, and the body, -  separate from one another ; but the faculties belonging to them are not the same in everybody -; some have more, some less. The body dies, and the mind dies with it; but the soul lives after it.

The soul is independent and self-existent, and therefore lives for ever. It depends upon nothing."

The source of the experience

Martineau, Harriet

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