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Tyrrell, G N M - The Personality of Man – Functions, the subconscious and the autonomic system



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The Personality of Man -  G N M Tyrrell

Watch a dancer, and consider the incredible complexity of her movements. Each muscle is contracted at exactly the right moment and released after exactly the right interval; all are operated in perfect correlation.

Yet the dancer is unconscious of co-ordinating these movements in detail. She merely wills the general result and, by constant practice, attains it. She does not consciously issue to each muscle a separate order.

Yet something must do so.

Something must control the nervous mechanism in detail. Purely mechanical reflexes are not the answer, for pure mechanism consists only of pushes and pulls exerted on pieces of matter:

Something directive must be responsible for this perfect co-ordination of muscular movement; and it is not the conscious mind. There must be mental factors within us which are neither conscious nor yet merely mechanical

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Tyrrell, G N M

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