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Swedenborg, Emanuel - The Infinite - The creation



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Emanuel Swedenborg – The Infinite and the final cause of creation

If [this] arose by accident and were such as accident could make it, how could all its derivatives and subsequent issues be of such distinguished harmony, that not only the elements, worlds and planets, but the vast and beautiful kingdoms founded upon them should exist in an order and tenor at once so stupendous and so delightful.  Nothing of the kind could come by accident; for if it did, then all the productions subsequent upon it would be similar to the accident and destitute of order, in short, the supposition of accident is unsuited to the occasion..........

It may be concluded that the more highly we think of nature, the more we attribute to it, the more we worship it, the more we explore and wonder at it, and the more numerous the causes, mechanical, geometrical and natural that we make necessary, the more must we wonder at the Infinite, who is the cause of all things … of a universe in which there is no part but conspires most perfectly from one end to the other, through an unbroken chain of means – can we not contemplate infinity in this … in short a superlative perfection of nature which can come from the Infinite alone

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Swedenborg, Emanuel

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