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Foster and Kreitzman - Seasons of Life - Northern elephant seals



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Northern elephant seals also migrate as much as 5000 kms from California to Oregon or even the Aleutian Islands in western Alaska.  They come primarily to breed and then feed.  But it is clear that the inter- system dependencies that have been created in the spiritual world do not include any related to climate....

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Seasons of Life – Russell G Foster and Leon Kreitzman

 Northern elephant seals, like many other migrants along the Pacific coast can be very badly affected by changes in the climate.  During the 1997-98 El Nino, the mortality of northern elephant seal pups in California was around 80%.  Severe storms, elevated sea levels, heavy rains and very high tides combined to submerge colonies and wash away pups.  Such events are predicted to increase with climate change

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Foster and Kreitzmann

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