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Levi-Strauss, Claude - Order in the universe



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The biosphere is a system of unimaginable complexity.  Its scope covers every thing in the universe, as such it  contains literally billions and billions of processes and entities/things.  But the difference is one of size and complexity, otherwise the principle of a system existing, of there being processes, entities, attributes and relationships between entities with characteristics is common to both.

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Levi Strauss – Myth and Meaning

To speak of rules and to speak of meaning is to speak of the same thing, and if we look at the intellectual undertakings of mankind, as far as they have been recorded all over the world, the common denominator is always to introduce some kind of order.  If this represents a basic need for order in the human mind and since, after all, the human mind is only part of the universe, the need probably exists because there is some order in the universe and the universe is not in chaos.   

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Levi-Strauss, Claude

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