Spiritual concepts

Order of creation

To understand this section you need to fully understand the concepts of Energy, Spirit, WordLevels and layers, Atom, Egg, the Egg and Levels and the Matrix. It will also help to read about Function dependencies.

The universe was created in a spiral.  The centre of the egg was the creative power and from the centre creation flowed out like a catherine wheel.  The order was the fire systems, then the air systems, then the water systems – all these were ‘software’.

In effect the matrix cells were filled with systems and their inter dependencies.  Love and the more abstract systems can be found in the higher levels, thus these came first.  There is a school of thought that says that love was the first system – the universe was created through love.  The more general powerful physical systems came next – water for example and what we know of as gravity.  All the more ‘physical’ but less general systems – animal, plant, etc came after these.

The ‘earth’ layer – the hardware  - came last.  This is logical.  You cannot have a physical thing unless there is software to animate it, thus the hardware with its implementation copies – the universe as we perceive it  ‘materialised’ coalesced last, also in a spiral.

There was no big bang, the ‘earth’ or physical layer coalesced in a spiral.

The increments of delivery produced the matrix shape.  The result as it evolved looked like a spider’s web [Web] or a shell, which is why shells and spiders are considered sacred in most cultures.  The spider is symbolically the creator.




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