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Atharvaveda - XII 1 Hymn to goddess Earth - Part 02 Give us this day



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The Atharvaveda

XII 1 Hymn to goddess Earth Part 2

The Earth upon which the sea, and the rivers and the waters,

upon which food and the tribes of men have arisen,
upon which this breathing, moving life exists,
give us this day thy water for drinking.

The Earth whose are the four regions of space,
upon which food and the tribes of men have arisen,
which supports the manifold breathing, moving things,
give us this day cattle and other goods also.

The Earth upon which of old the first men unfolded themselves,
upon which the gods overcame the Asuras,
give us this day all kinds of cattle, horses, and fowls,
good fortune, and joy.

The Earth that supports all, furnishes happiness, contentment,
the golden-breasted resting-place of all living creatures,
she that supports Agni Vaisvanara (the Fire), and mates with Indra, the bull,
give us this day a home to rest in

The Earth, which the sleepless gods ever attentively guard,
give us this day your milk and precious honey,
sprinkle us with wisdom.

The Earth, created from the Waters upon the Ocean,
whose evolution the wise seers discovered in ecstasy;
whose heart is in the highest heaven, immortal, surrounded by Truth,
bestow upon us wisdom and strength,
that we may be sovereign of ourselves

The Earth, upon which the Waters flow by day and night unceasingly,
pour out milk for us in rich streams,
drench us with your wisdom.

The Earth, which the Asvins have measured,
upon which Vishnu has stepped out,
which lndra, the lord of might, has made friendly to himself;
She, the Mother, pour forth milk for me, the Son.


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