Spiritual concepts

Spirit input

If you look at the section on the hourglass – see 9, you will see that our cone intersects with the cup of the central Creator portion of the Egg via our Higher Spirit.  What you have left is something that looks like a chalice or a cup

Via this link, and only via this link we get various forms of spiritual input.  It is symbolically referred to as ‘cooling energy’ and represented by the colour blue.

This input can be of numerous types – see Types of Spiritual experience – however some examples of the more positive types of spirit input include

  • new functions or changes to our functions – bug fixes, new versions
  • healing energy  - when  our body is healed via the template amended and updated . 
  • inspiration – images or songs or all sorts of shared common invention
  • and  help, love, bliss, joy, intuition, prophecy,  wisdom, conscience, forgiveness and  illumination, - everything good and positive.

Symbolically Spiritual Input can be represented in a number of  ways, for example [this list is not exhaustive]

 Spiritual input is also symbolically depicted as cooling Water, but in the form of a Stream or River of energy flowing into our poor frazzled little bodies.


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