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Dao de Jing - Chapter 16



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Dao de Jing – Chapter 16

Translated in Qigong Meditation Embryonic Breathing by Dr Yang, Jwing-Ming

Approach the nothingness to its extremity and maintain calmness with sincerity.
Millions of objects are in actions which allow us to observe their cyclic repetitions.
Though there are so many objects, each individual must repeatedly return to its root.
When it returns to the root, it means calmness.
When it is calmed, then it means ‘repetition of a life’.
When the life repeats, it means constant natural routine.
If one knows this constant natural routine, then his mind is clear.
If one does not know this constant natural routine, then various unfortunate dangers could occur.
If one knows this constant natural routine then life is permitted.
When life is permitted, then it is impartial.
If it is impartial it can be completed.
When it is completed, then it is heaven.
When it is heaven, it is the Dao.
If it is the Dao, then it can be long and the death of the body will not be near.


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