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Music Bureau - The new wife



Type of Spiritual Experience


Not at all what it seems

A description of the experience

I was up gathering lovage. Coming down
off the mountain, I met my old husband.

I bowed deep, then asked: Your new wife -
how is she for you, old husband of mine?

My new wife - her words sing, they do,
but she can’t match my old wife's grace,

and for beauty there's no comparison.
Theres no comparing loom-work either.

When a new wife came through the gate,
the old one fled from her rooms. Now

my new wife weaves silk double-thread
where the old one wove it plain-cloth:

every day a single strip of double-thread
finery replaces fifty feet of plain-cloth.

Laying double-thread beside plain-cloth,
its clear the new's nothing like the old.

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Music Bureau

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