Symbols - What does heaven look like


A gate is an entry point or exit point of a cone. A gate is thus a portal. Thus we would expect to see gates associated with tunnels

As the cone is a spiritual representation of our bodies, there are gates that are applied to the chakras but you may also see symbolic reference to the gates of our mouth, eyes and other physical orifices, since they too are gates to beyond the body – the main entry and exit points for the 5 senses and physically the main entry and exit points for viruses, bacteria and other pathogens as well as food, smells and so on.

Gates and doors have a similar role in both preventing entry and preventing exit.  They may prevent us from going out of our cone or entering another cone, but they are also there to protect us from ‘outside’ interference.

Some gates have guardians.

The Bible and older texts describing spiritual experiences are full of gates rather than doors, reflecting both the time they were experienced and the prevalence of out of body experiences.  Gates and castles [or in the Bible symbolic temples] are of course closely linked – they are the entry and exit points of physical castles as such they are a good symbolic image to use for symbolic castles.


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