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Brennan, Barbara - Hands of Light - UEF



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Barbara Brennan – Hands of Light

Dr John White and Dr Stanley Krippner list many properties of the Universal Energy Field: the UEF permeates all space, animate and inanimate objects, and connects all objects to each other; it flows from one object to another; and its density varies inversely with the distance from its source.  It also follows the laws of harmonic inductance and sympathetic resonance – the phenomenon that occurs when you strike a tuning fork and one near it will begin to vibrate at the same frequency, giving off the same sound.

The UEF is basically synergistic meaning the simultaneous action of separate agencies that together have greater total effect than the sum of their individual effects.  This field is the opposite of entropy a term used to describe the phenomenon of the slow decay that we so commonly observe in physical reality the breaking down of form and order.

The UEF has an organising effect on matter and builds forms.  Any changes in the material world are preceded by a change in this field

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Brennan, Barbara

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