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Boehme, Jacob - Aurora - Cold energy



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Jacob Boehme – Aurora - Chapter 1.

15  Cold is a quality also as well as heat; it qualifieth or operateth in all creatures whatsoever that come forth in nature and in all whatsoever that move therin in men, beasts, fowls, fishes, worms, leaves and grass.

16  Heat is set in opposition unto it and qualifieth therein, as if it were one and the same thing; but cold opposeth the fierceness or rage of the heat and allayeth the heat

17  Cold containeth also two sorts of characteristics in it which are to be observed viz, it mitigateth the heat, maketh all things pleasant and is in all creatures a quality of life; for no creature can subsist without cold; for it is a springing, driving mobility in every thing

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Boehme, Jacob

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